Recent Work

“My goal is to create products that leave a lasting impression by solving real problems for real people.”

Featured Project


  • A Shopify website for a business that sells Montessori toys for toddlers in the Philippines.
  • The website features an easy-to-navigate product catalog, a secure checkout process, and a responsive design for optimal viewing on different devices.
  • The website has been successful in attracting and retaining customers, and has helped the business to increase sales and expand its reach.


Featured Project

Aesthetics By Stephie

  • Created a visually engaging and user-friendly one-page website highlighting beauty and wellness services using WordPress.
  • Integrated Square Appointments functionality to enable convenient appointment booking for visitors.
  • Designed with a minimalist yet impactful approach, reflecting tranquility and simplicity while guiding visitors through a seamless and immersive experience.


Featured Project

Studio No.4

  • Developed a visually engaging and informative website for Studio No. 4 using WordPress, highlighting the exceptional male grooming services offered by Richard Saunders.
  • Integrated Square Up Appointments seamlessly, allowing clients to conveniently schedule grooming appointments online.
  • Designed the website to reflect the high-end, tailored experience of Studio No. 4 while ensuring a user-friendly interface for visitors.


Personal Project

Affinity App

  • For my final project as a Master of Design, I developed a cryptocurrency mobile app to improve the user experience.
  • User feedback indicated that there were issues with the app’s navigation and usability, so I conducted user research and redesigned the app’s navigation.
  • The redesign resulted in improved user satisfaction and engagement, and a decrease in the number of users abandoning the app.

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